Waste Water Treatment System

Waste Water Treatment System

      Currently the domestic construction fields and small-scale sewage/waste water processing units utilize multi-stage tanks made by reclaimed FRP or PE(polyethylene). These cause huge labors, time consuming and eventually unavoidable increase of the processing cost.
      The standard of water quality for discharging after sewage/waste water processing became more strict and existing processing methods could not meet the quality of water to the fortified standard.




      GJ-R is an integrated management solution for water resources, which can sufficiently supply clean and clear water to consumers while environmentally restoring the water circulation system through systematic management by applying ICT technology to the water purifying plants, sewage treatment plants and the water and sewage pipe networks. Is it fast water treatment , best process quality and reduced installation cost. Innovative water treatment technology that will reward you with field-oriented construction and trust.


I. Key of the Technology 

A. Characteristics of Technology

     a. Rapid processing of coagulation in less than 10 seconds
     b. Reduction of chemical input by 20-30%
     c. Unnecessary stirrer using the Non-powered Flocculation device
     d. NO odor generation due to In-line type

B. Low-energy Micro Bubble Device

     a. High purity high efficiency bubble generator
     b. Splitter type micro bubble generating technology
     c. Top-tier in producing micro bubble in Korea
     d. Good scalability (maximizing capacity)

C. High-Efficiency Floatation Technology

     a. Procurement on high density microbubble casting technology – Strong inducement of SS absorption and oxidation decomposing reaction
     b. First domestic floatation principle of third stage up and down – First class processed water quality and efficiency of floatation
     c. Powered water level control ware – The floatation sludge outflow becomes zero due to automatic operations according to the process situation.

II. Advantage of the Technology 

     A. Compact One Touch Control – Automatic control and user-friendly (customizing) operation.
     B. Rapidity – Shortest time for treating raw waste water directly, less amount of land, ease of commercialization.
     C. Removal – Stable operation and high quality water verified through technology.
     D. Economic – Less power and chemical by Process Innovation. Minimizing operation cost and maximizing eco-friendly brand image.


     The GJ-R has different types of treatment system: the Portable Wastewater Treatment System, Compact Containerized Wastewater Treatment System and Treatment Facilities.


Mobile Wasterwater Treatment or Portable Sewage Treatment System can be defined as a packaged system completely pre-installed and can be moved from one place to another. This mobile wastewater treatment is focused on the water purification coming from lakes and rivers. It can treat raw waste water at a minimum of 50, 000 – 100, 000 liters per day.

Compact (Containerized) Wastewater Treatment System is usually applicable to big volume of water to be treated. One compact can treat raw waste water at a minimum of 50,000 – 10, 000, 000 liters per day. This type of treatment system is advisable to use in subdivision, establishments like food stores, hotels, restaurants and even hospitals, drainages and creeks. This system can be converted into house.


Wastewater Treatment Facility Plant a facilities that can clean at a minimum of 50, 000 liters up to more than 10, 000 , 000 liters per day

Classification of Treatment

     A. Class A – Pre treatment of waste water (factory and farm, wastewater removal, algae removal post-treatment of existing sewage treatment plant.
     B. Class B – Focus on water purification from river and lake with O3 , filter.
     C. Class C – Focus on water purification from river and lake with Chlorine, filter.
     D. Class D – A highly quality waste water treatment that can treat inflow sewage directly using O3 generator.

High Treatment Efficiency in Various Areas Solution

Comparison of Business Diagram

Current Business Diagram

GJ-R Business Diagram